Start building AI-driven sustainable innovation ecosystems.

Unlock all 2.8 million Dutch companies, get insight into innovation trends and substantiate them with data.


Business is crucial for solving global problems. We spot companies that work on climate, energy, food, health and more.

Innovation ecosystem

Entrepreneurs, governments, education and research work together to work on a blossoming economy. We help with a better connection to more entrepreneurs.


Startups, scale-ups and SMEs form the dynamic of the economy. With our AI-tools we enclose all companies and spot innovation.

Broad SME

SMEs are essential for a strong region. We give insight into these companies, for example for digitization, sustainability, globalization and other transitions.


Innovatie ecosysteem energietransitie
Bedrijven spelen een cruciale rol in de transitie van fossiele brandstoffen naar […]
Circulair innovatie-ecosysteem
Bedrijven spelen een cruciale rol in de Circulaire Economie. Innovatiespotter ontsluit meer […]
Innovatie in de zorg
Bedrijven spelen een cruciale rol in de Health sector. Zij ontwikkelen producten […]