We focus on SMEs from the beginning

Sharing knowledge and bringing parties closer to each other. That is where we contribute from day one. There is a lot of knowledge in SMEs that is not used at all. This needs to change.

SMEs have an essential role in innovation ecosystems. Yet we perceive that exactly this group often stays out of sight with governments and other organisations that stimulate innovation. Often the attention goes to big parties. Even though innovative SMEs develop a lot of new things. In this way, regional, successful collaborations arise.

Get insights in the local economy

Find out where companies are. With our platform you can easily make regional analyses, get insights in business parks and find out where the innovation power of your region lies. 

Find your partners for collaboration

Searching startups? Or want to work together with companies with a certain expertise? With Innovatiespotter.nl you can easily find the companies you're searching for.

We map every company

We are the AI-driven platform for innovation ecosystems. All 2.8 million Dutch companies are searchable on their activities. Find companies that use the technology of today to work on the world of tomorrow. 

Innovating is a collaborate activity

That's why you can bring parties together that otherwise don't find each other, with our platform. These collaborations are extremely important to solve big societal challenges, like the energy transition or circularity. In this way you stimulate sustainable development and contribute to co-creation at companies. Sustainability targets and the Sustainable Development Goals are making sure the government, companies and knowledge institutions can not avoid innovation.

Stimulate innovation

We provide data to help you. With our platform you collect data and link companies. Our data gives many analyses and interesting insights. Stimulate innovation by reaching parties with what they need.

Proud of all our collaborations

We are proud of all our collaborations. We work together with both national and regional parties.

Our mission

Our mission is to make the company landscape accessible. With our data we contribute to the transparency of regions and innovation ecosystems and the mission driven innovation policy. We also help getting access to all startups, scale-ups, innovative SMEs and broad SMEs. In this way, organisations congregate, where they first wouldn’t.

Innovatiespotter.nl contributes to multiple Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Partnership for the goals -  SDG 17
  • Decent work and economic growth -  SDG 8
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure -  SDG 9

By making our data accessible through partnerships, Innovatiespotter.nl also contributes to other SDGs.

Our team

Our dynamic, international team of part-timers, full-timers, home workers and office workers.

Gea Vellinga


06 51556619

Thomas van der Sluis

Thomas van der sluis

Project Manager Innovation

Jeronimo Calace Montu

Full Stack Engineer

Nikos Tzanetis

Software & Systems Engineer


Aylar Alizadeh

Data Scientist

Christos Roussidis

DevOps Engineer

Willem Overbosch

Business developer

Olga Meijer

Administrative Legal Assistant

Egbert van der Wal

Technical Advisor

Dr Gerben Blaauw

Science Advisor


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